Fabulous Huge 1930s Statement Necklace Miriam Haskell-Esque
Fabulous Huge 1930s Statement Necklace Miriam Haskell-Esque

SKU: HA-NE- 30s-20140330-11-a-4
Designer or Maker: Unknown
Mark: None
Style: Bib necklace
Circa Date: 1930s
Condition: Good. The beads are very delicate and a few have split slightly open. The piece still needs a bit of cleaning and this will be a delicate task. However, it’s completely wearable now.
The colors are blue and red and the necklace looks completely amazing when worn. It’s a must have for the Miriam Haskell collector or the lover of huge bib necklaces—very unique style. It would be perfect for the upcoming Aztec fashion trend. It is also reminiscent of vintage Bohemian or Barbarian-styled pieces.
Gender: Female
Age Group: Adult
Color: Gold tone, red, blue
Material: Resin
Size or Measurement: The necklace measures approximately 17” tl with a five inch cascading drop. Each wooden bead is suspended from a large-sized jump ring. The necklace has a v-spring box closure.
Type Vintage jewelry, Vintage jewellery

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Title: Fabulous Huge 1930s Statement Necklace Miriam Haskell-Esque
Description: This is an amazing c. 1930s multi-layered novelty necklace in the style of the old vintage Miriam Haskell pieces. I am not sure if it is actually Miriam Haskell, hence, the “esque.” This is a HEAVY and bold piece; yet, it is very delicate. Each circular bead has four hand-drilled holes. They appear much like the shape of macaroni. This particular style of necklace was quite popular in the 1930s and was part of the Novelty jewelry craze. The piece consists of five layers—each longer than the next.
SKU: HA-NE- 30s-20140330-11-a-4

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