Huge Fabulous Y.S.L. Red Rhinestone Earrings
Huge Fabulous Y.S.L. Red Rhinestone Earrings
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Title: Y.S.L. Rhinestone Earrings
SKU: YSL-ER-10132012_39-80s-a-2
Designer or Maker: Y.S.L., Yves Saint Laurent, Yves St. Laurent
Mark: YSL
Style: Clipback, clip back, clip
Circa Date: 1980s
Condition: Excellent
Gender: Female
Age Group: Adult
Color: Silvertone, silver-tone, silver
Material: Resin, white metal, cast
Size or Measurement: 1 3/4″ x 1 1/3″ w.
Type Vintage jewelry, Vintage jewellery, vintage earrings

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Title: Y.S.L. Rhinestone Earrings
Description: Huge fabulous Y.S.L. red rhinestone earrings designed with crystal and ruby-colored marquis-shaped rhinestones. Dramatically 1980s couture! Fabulous find for the lover of vintage Yves Saint Laurent jewelry or someone is is particularly drawn to haute-couture jewelry. These are grand statement earrings with lot of shimmer and chic style. Absolute standout for a Yves Saint Laurent earring design.
SKU: YSL-ER-10132012_39-80s-a-2

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