Fashion History

April 22, 2018

The “DesertGem” Charm Bracelet

The “DesertGem” Charm Bracelet I think every jewelry dealer who has purchased estate jewelry has one time or another come across these stone charm bracelets; They have always been, IMHO, the ugly step-child of costume […]
December 18, 2016

Judith Hendler Jewelry, Facts, Jewelry Styles, Contemporary Classics

For the wearer and collectors of both vintage Judith Hendler jewelry and her new “Contemporary Classics” line, here are some fun facts about her creations. FUN HISTORICAL FACTS • Designing  for 39 years (as of […]
November 26, 2016

The Arty Woman of the 1920s

The Arty Woman: Vogue 1927 The Arty Girl of the 1920s would perhaps have aged gracefully to be a lovely lady of today’s “Advance Style.” She was highly confident, self-expressive, maybe excessive in adornment, but […]

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